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Completa las siguientes oraciones con la palabra que creas correcta.

I have English class  

Where ?

—Are you going to the concert tonight?  —No, home.

This is the town I was born.

I in Vigo for 3 years and I’m very happy here.

If the weather hadn’t been so bad we would have for a walk.

The more  we walk the longer it will take us to get home.

This house was by my grandfather.

We had no difficulty our dream house in Barbados although people often did.

with being so busy both at work and at home, she became increasingly tired and bad-tempered.


Anna is 20 years .

I usually at 8 AM.

She's German but in Vigo.

 and stop acting like a child!

- I'm sorry we don't have your size''. - ''

- I don't like this programme. ''

The directors  a meeting last week to discuss the present economic difficulties.

As time the power of newspapers seems to increase.

But what are we talking about here – a few thousand, millions, two bucks? Give me a figure.


Para dirigirnos a una mujer de la que no sabemos si está casada o soltera utilizamos:

Cuando el encabezamiento de la carta es Dear Sir, la fórmula correcta para despedirse es: .

Completa la siguiente fórmula de despedida: Look forward to .

¿Cuál es la traducción correcta al español de actually?: .

Cuando quieres decir que te ocuparás inmediatamente del asunto: I'll to this immediately.

Compresión auditiva

What does the teacher want his students to call him? .

Grading will be based upon a point system. What elements will be taken into
consideration and how many points will be assigned to each of them?

Exams:  points.

: 15 points.

: 20 points.

Attendance: points.

How important is attendance in class? .

What is the title of the book that they will be using in class? ''''.

The teacher's office hours are: .