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Our in-class activities are built around dialogue and the exchange of ideas. We really love to work with current issues and put forward exercises and situations that will be useful for you “out there” so as to make you feel comfortable and independent as soon as possible.

Our staff is made up of native teachers with university degrees in relation to teaching, outstanding communicative skills and a broad experience in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

Julio Verne said that Captain Nemo’s best kept secret is in Vigo. Did you know that this is where the Nautilus submarine came to stock up on gold? In Vigo’s estuary there are dozens of sunken ships loaded with the gold from the Americas. Treasures that have not yet come to light.
There are also treasures at everyone’s reach
Such as strolling through the Old Quarter and having oysters in A Pedra. Or spending a day at the beach in Samil. Or visiting the Castrelos park, with its manor house and its gardens. Or going on a boat tour to the halcyon Cíes islands. Or strolling along streets full of elegant camellias.
This is Vigo, Galicia’s largest city. A modern and venturous city, open to the world
Visitors to Vigo have the unique opportunity to come into contact with nature in its purest state: the Cíes Islands. These three islands are situated at the mouth of the estuary of Vigo, and form part of the Parque Nacional Marítimo Terrestre das Illas Atlánticas de Galicia.
The beaches of the Vigo Estuary will surprise you
They’re not like other unattractive, uncomfortable and very crowded urban beaches. 10 minutes from the centre of Vigo, its beaches have fine white sand, clear waters and for everyone’s liking: family beaches, wild coves, sandy beaches with waves for water sports and nude beaches.
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Spanish courses

General Courses

Levels from A1 to C2, they represent an ideal combination of a communicative Spanish learning with leisure activities in order to discover Santiago, its culture and its customs…

Courses for school groups / School trips

We take charge of organising your accommodation and that of your students. Some of the courses to choose from are “Spanish Language and Culture course”, “Professional Spanish Program” and “PCTO” (only for Italian schools), “Spanish+Internship”, “Spanish for Tourism”, “Cultural Stay”…

Spanish + Internship

it consists of a course with an unpaid internship in a Santiago de Compostela company.

Spanish for university groups

We take charge of organising your accommodation and that of your students. These are some of the courses to choose from: “Business Spanish”, “Spanish for the touristic industry”, “Spanish for journalism”.

Online Spanish courses

IFConsulting’s online courses consist of individual sessions delivered by qualified teachers, experienced and trained in online teaching.

Class sessions are held through videoconferences and a virtual classroom, a private student-teacher space for the exchange of materials, homework assignments and a 24-hour communication channel between the two. We work on all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) with a special focus on those more relevant for each student.

It is a formula that allows us to develop innovative teaching approaches, such as collaborative activities, exchange of messages and files, simulations, etc.

General language

  • General Spanish

  • Preparation for DELE

  • Conversation in Spanish

  • Spanish for the Professional World

  • Support Course

  • ¿Somos listos o estamos listos? SER Vs. ESTAR

  • Este curso es por y para ti. POR Vs. PARA

  • The Past Tense

  • The Subjunctive

Spanish through its culture

  • Cultural Protocols

  • Spanish Through its Literature

  • Spanish Through its Cinema

  • Learn Spanish by Singing

  • Learn Spanish by Cooking

Accommodation and services

At IFConsulting we take charge of managing your accommodation prior to your arrival. You can choose between Spanish host familiesstudent residence and flat sharing. If you would rather stay at a hotel or a private apartment we can also offer you many options according to your requirements and budget.

In the host family and the student residence options you can choose between half board (breakfast+lunch or dinner) or full board accommodation (breakfast + lunch + dinner).

The flat sharing option will provide you a space equipped with everything you may need: washing machine, dishwasher, wi-fi connection, TV…

At IFConsulting, we organise a minimum of 2 free-of-charge weekly activities. During the summer months the average is of 4 activities per week.

On the first day of your course (on official starting dates), we invite you to an orientation tour around the city followed by a drink and a tapa in the Old Town. This will be your first taste of Spain!

  1. Attending to concerts, cinema or theatre.
  2. Gathering and coffee.
  3. Table and vocabulary games: to spend an amusing afternoon and learn by playing. We gather at the school and play Trivial, Tabú, hangman…
  4. Talks about Spanish culture and customs: we will talk about how Spaniards really are. Customs, traditions, humour and interesting facts which will help you understand our way of life.

Some examples of activities offered at an extra cost:

We also organise, mainly in the summer months, other activities and excursions to places of great historic or natural interest. The cost of these activities will depend on the places we visit and on the number of students registered to participate. Some examples are:

  • Wine tasting
  • Tapas Tour
  • Excursion to Santiago de Compostela
  • Excursion to Pontevedra
  • Rias Bajas and Fishing Villages
  • National Park of Atlantic Islands – Cies Islands

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